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1. There is a property with a Prime Properties No Trespass sign or For Sale sign posted on a property being vandalized, who can I contact?

We really appreciate your help!  Please email, and/or contact(323)933-0330 x202 for any emergencies.

2. What is Prime Properties Asset Management’s normal business hours?

We are open Monday – Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM.  We are closed on Weekends and Holidays.

3. How do I know how much I qualify for?

That is a question you would have to contact your loan officer.  Only after reviewing your financial information will your loan agent be able provide you with a loan pre approval showing how much you qualify for.

4. I don’t have an agent, how can I view a property?

Contact or (323) 933 – 0330 x200.  We can assign one of the selling agents from our office to show you the property and go over submitting the offer with you.

5. My Supra key is not working, who can I contact to get the combo code?

We will never be able to provide the combination code to any of our properties for any reasons, ever.

6. If I have questions on one of the listings from Prime Properties Asset Management, where can I go?

You can send your inquiries to or contact (323) 933 – 0330 x200.


7. Where do I go to check availability on a property?

Our MLS is updated daily or you can send an email to

8. I have my buyers offer in hand, where can I submit my offer?

With the exception of Fannie Mae and HUD properties, all offers can be submitted to offers.ppam@gmail.  For offers on Fannie Mae properties, please visit to submit your offer.  For offers on HUD properties, please visit

9. Where do I get the submission form so that I can send Freddie Mac offers?

You can send a request to or find the form on the supplemental section of the MLS.

10. I have a buyer who really wants the property, what can I do?

We can never guarantee that your offer will be accepted whether the property is in a multiple offer situation or not.  You can make sure that the buyer’s offer is their highest and best and that you have submitted a complete offer.

11. What is a complete offer?

Freddie Mac – submission form, RPA, BIA, AD, REO, bank statement dated within 1 month, loan pre approval, copy of the EMD check.

Fannie Mae – Real Estate Purchase Addendum, Residential Purchase Agreement, Owner Occupancy Certification (if applicable).

12. What information should my loan pre approval contain?

Loan pre approval must: have the buyer’s name, be dated within 1 month, have the purchase price amount, have the loan amount, state the type of loan and be on the loan officer’s letterhead.

13. I received a notification alerting me that my buyer is involved in a multiple offer situation, what do I do?

You can submit your buyer’s highest and best offer attaching any documentation supporting the higher price if necessary.  

14. Can I submit an offer at a price lower than the Listing Price?

You can submit an offer at a price lower than the Listing Price but the seller may not counter your offer.

15. If my offer is rejected by the seller can I resubmit my offer?

You may resubmit your offer, however, if you resubmit the exact same offer, you may receive the same response.

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