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About Us...

  Prime Properties Asset Management is Southern California's premier full-service real estate firm serving the entire Southern California community for 26 years with expertise in Real Estate Brokerage, Property Management, BOV (Broker Opinion of Value) and Receivership services.

    As well as being a full service Residential and Commercial Broker we provide you with valuable Real Estate market information. 
   We are a one-stop-shop for all your Real Estate services and REO needs, for both Residential and Commercial properties.
   Our services include but are not limited to Broker Evaluation, Tenant Eviction/Property Security, Site Clean Up/Repair/Renovation, Maintenance and Aggressive Marketing. 
   For each process, we fully utilize our in-house specialists and/or tap into our vast database of expert contacts, to bring you the highest level of service in the most efficient way. 

From A to Z, "We've got you covered."
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